The foreign visitor walked quickly across the university campus, wondering if he was already late. Seeing a passing physics professor wearing a watch, he asked, "Excuse me, please. What is time?" He got a 15-minute lecture.


If you want to produce or understand sentences in any language, good vocabulary is not enough: you need to understand grammar. Once you have learned the rules of a language (conjugating verbs, choosing appropriate pronouns and prepositions, forming questions, specifying past/present/future tense, and so on), you can say exactly what you mean, but learning requires clear explanations and, most importantly, lots of practice.


is a grammar workbook for students of French at all levels, based on fifteen years of experience helping students to improve their abilities and grades. The workbook includes simple explanations, helpful examples, and 140 sets of written exercises (over 1800 exercises total). For instant feedback, complete solutions are included.

It is available as a printable PDF or an e-book on your local Amazon store.

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Whether you are taking a high school class or a college course, studying for the AP French examination, or just working on your own, Exercise Your French can help you improve your skills and be confident about your French!

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