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Hi! My name is Sneža. There is no greater joy for me than transferring my passion for the French language to the students and seeing (or hearing about) their progress and their happiness when they reach their goals.

I have helped numerous people improve their pronunciation, form correct sentences, and eventually amaze everyone with their French.

I have helped many clients understand French movies, understand the words of their favorite French songs, and read French newspapers or novels.

I have helped high-school and college students dramatically improve their French: they go from lowering their heads, praying that the teacher won't call them, to raising their heads high, hoping to be be asked. (“I've got this!”)

I love when students report, all excited, that what they learned helped them to do fulfilling things like: communicating without fear that they won't understand or be understood, being better at their jobs, taking a cooking class in France and finally learning how to make a perfect crust for a tart, ordering a meal in French or just chatting with locals. One of my former students even helped a woman in distress by translating for her in an unsettling situation.

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I highly recommend Sneža to be your French prof...she is well prepared, patient, tailors your lessons to what you need, and is very personable. You will see your French improve, regardless of your level! Allez-y !

- Marlene O.

I recommend Sneža highly to anyone wanting to learn French. I have loved working with Sneža for several months now to improve my French. It has been so convenient and fun to meet with her weekly on Skype. She was able to accurately assess my level and has been designing personalized lessons to meet my needs.

She is excellent at simplifying complicated French grammar and correcting my spoken French. She is always prompt and well prepared for our weekly Skype meeting. I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together and look forward to continuing towards my goal of speaking French fluently with Sneža.

- Jean Dea

I learned more from you in two hours than from my previous tutor, who was a native speaker, in two months.

- Carla

Sneža is able to adjust her teaching to the needs of her students. She comes well prepared for each class based on the learning done in the prior class. She knows when to challenge and when to slow down. You feel encouraged, even when facing a topic that is difficult. I believe her most striking gift is the ability to make the complex – simple.

I travel to France once a year. I stay in a small village where no one speaks English. The people in the village remark on how my French continues to get better. I thank Sneža for helping me push through the challenges and improve. She is excellent.

- Lorraine Lerner

I had the pleasure of working with Sneža Stone during the past year. I had studied French in high school and college and, through the years, I have continued occasionally to read novels in French and to watch the evening news from France 2 or 3 times a week.

My day-to-day working languages were Spanish and English. A new job, however, required some work in French. After a brief Internet search, I fortuitously found Sneža. I was only looking for some practice in conversational French. However, Sneža proposed a better-rounded program including reading comprehension and grammar review. I am especially grateful for her coaching with my accent.

Recent business trips to Montreal and Paris were more successful because of the work I did with Sneža. I always found Sneža to be well-prepared for our sessions and gracious in accommodating my travel schedule.

- William Kelley, S.J.

As a teacher, Sneža is very patient and flexible! She follows my pace and helps me when I have trouble with difficult grammar or vocabularies. When there is a problem in a specific area, she puts in the effort in getting more resources to make sure you improve.

- Karlin Albindo

I was completely delighted with Sneža's manner of instruction. I never felt rushed or stressed in her class, as she recognizes that everyone learns at a different speed. Plus, she has a très bon sense of humor!

- Sandra

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