The foreign visitor walked quickly across the university campus, wondering if he was already late. Seeing a passing physics professor wearing a watch, he asked, "Excuse me, please. What is time?" He got a 15-minute lecture.



396 pages

simple explanations + examples

over 1800 exercises + solutions

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This grammar workbook is for students of French at all levels, based on fifteen years of experience helping students to improve their abilities and grades. The workbook includes simple explanations, helpful examples, and 140 sets of written exercises (over 1800 exercises total). For instant feedback, complete solutions are included.

Whether you are taking a high school class or a college course, studying for the AP French examination, or just working on your own, Exercise Your French can help you improve your skills and be confident about your French!

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I often hear: "I'd like to learn French, but I don't want to learn grammar." That is almost like saying "I'd like to build a house, but I don't care about the strong foundation and the walls. Let's go straight to decorating."

If you only learn the meaning of words, but don't know how to modify them or where to put them in the sentence, you will often be guessing, rather than being confident about your language. Even though French grammar might seem daunting, the good news is that it's simpler than you might think and you should not be afraid of it. I have seen amazing transformations in people's ability to use the language once they learn grammar.

When you know the rules of a language (conjugating verbs, choosing appropriate pronouns and prepositions, forming questions, specifying past/present/future tense, and so on), you can say exactly what you mean. But learning requires clear explanations and, most importantly, lots of practice and repetition; just hearing or reading something once is not enough. You will, without a doubt, forget new material if you don't repeat it. Repetition is important (especially in written form), as it reinforces what you have learned, and your brain retains the information better.

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